AirDosh Cashless 
Event cashless made easy
AirDosh is a convenient cashless point of sale solution for events, whereby users upload their intended cash spend onto a lightweight wearable RFID tag. Simply tap to transact at vendor points of sale.
Easy. Convenient. Safe.
  1. Executive Director
    STEP 1
    Upon event entry, you will receive a lightweight wearable RFID tag. This holds an electronic component that will store your balance information. This could serve as your accreditation to the event.
  2. Executive Director
    STEP 2
    Visit a clearly marked upload station inside the event to upload your intended spend onto your armband. You may use cash or bank card.
  3. Executive Director
    STEP 3
    Use your loaded card at any vendor and tap-to-transact. You may check your balance before and after each transaction.
​with AirDosh

All vendors are equiped with AirDosh point of sale devices. This allows for a speedy transaction process. The vendors will prompt you to present your armband for a tap-to-transact payment. ​A vendor will always display your balance after each transaction. Please insist on this to remain aware of your balance. Alternatively follow SMS instructions using the keyword "BALANCE".

Upload using
​your bank card
Use your cheque or credit card at a clearly marked upload station within the event to top up your funds. The funds are immediately available to transact at any point of sale. You will receive an SMS confirming upload of funds, including a displayed balance. Unused funds are reversed back onto your card at the end of the event. No need to check out or take any action, this process is automatic. You will receive an SMS confirming refund. 

Upload using 

You may use a QR code platform SnapScan to top up your funds. This gives you the opportunity to perform self-service top ups from anywhere within the event, using the provided QR code supplied at various points of sale. When you top up using the QR code method, you will receive an SMS confirming receipt of your funds, and a displayed balance update. Your balance will be uploaded automatically and immediately available to transact at any point of sale (POS).
Easy refund
Before departing an event, visit the upload station to refund the remaining balance on your tag and receive the amount in cash.  
If you choose not to refund on site simply follow SMS instructions using the keyword “REFUND”. This will refund your remaining balance via eWallet to be withdrawn at any FNB ATM or to be used at selected retailers.


  1. Easy Upload & Refund of Funds
    Use cash OR credit/debit card to upload funds at the event. Instant refund on bank card after the event. Alternatively follow SMS keyword instructions, sms REFUND to receive refund by eWallet (More in FAQ menu).
  2. Reduced Queueing Periods
    Instantaneous & simple, AirDosh tap-to-transact process dramatically reduces transaction time. Increasing efficiency & shortening waiting periods at points of sale.
  3. On-Site Connectivity
    At high capacity & increased density events, connectivity becomes unreliable & unavailable. Providing you with connectivity to maintain access to services such as SnapScan, Masterpass & bank card facilities.
  4. Post event Support
    AirDosh post event support & assistance related to any refunds or general enquiries.
  5. On-Site Customer Support
    Customer service will always be available on site at a clearly marked AirDosh station, ready to facilitate any query or answer any questions.
  6. No Wallet Required
    Going cashless means that you don't have to carry a wallet, cash or cards to make purchases. This helps reduce the risk of loss, and handling these items throughout the event.
  7. Security
    AirDosh is secure to use and your balance is always backed up in case of loss or damage to armband or card. Your personal details are not required to use this service.
  8. Smart Credit/Cheque Card Facility
    Use your cheque or credit card to HOLD an intended spend amount, and have the balance automatically reversed into your bank account after the event. No need to check out or take any action.
  9. SnapScan Integrated for Remote Uploads
    Upload from anywhere within the event using the provided SnapScan QR code. Use your phone number as reference, the funds automatically upload to your card.
  10. SMS Communication
    Interact with your balance following SMS instructions and keywords. BALANCE, REFUND or STOP.